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"In ancient times, our mothers gathered together sharing inspirations, rituals, joys, sorrows,
 and love.

The ~Iseum Of The Nubian Moon~  is dedicated to Isis/Auset, Our Ancient Mother of the Dark Moon, and her other aspects.

The Iseum Of The Nubian Moon offers an atmosphere of peace and love while we celebrate our "Ancient Mothers" celebrate our spirituality, praise our ancestors,

The Iseum Of  The Nubian Moon hosts Goddess Presentations, Book Salons, and Recitals,, Rituals, Sabbat Celebrations, Sacred Dancing, and Goddess Studies,

Goddess Teas and Inspirations, and coming soon, Tarot , Cowrie, Rune, and other Divinations, in a quiet, peaceful, and Goddess loving atmosphere.

The Iseum Of  The Nubian Moon, is a house of the Goddesses.

 Founder: Rev.  Anniitra MaKafia UtchatiNu Ravenmoon

Priestess Hierophant



Iseum of the Nubian Moon & Iseum of Black Isis Present:


A Magical Conference Weekend

Coming Spring 2012

Join the sisters of the Iseum of Black Isis & the Iseum of the Nubian Moon for a magical workshop weekend in LONG BEACH exploring the power and wisdom of Queen & Dark Mothers from the African Diaspora.

The weekend will begin Saturday morning with workshops culminating in a powerful evening ritual. We've done this ritual in the past and watched with reverence and amazement as the participants made spiritual and emotional breakthroughs simply because of the deeper opening of their hearts to the Divine.

Imagine a deep immersion into the wisdom of the Dark Mother. Experience a weekend of community and connection. If you are looking for breakthrough, this is the place to be!

DATE/TIME: TBA 10AM-12 Midnight, 10AM-1:00PM

LOCATION: 5808 E Rogene Street Long Beach, CA 90815 (Private Temple)

CONTACT: Iseum Nubian Moon at 562-627-5697 or Iseum of Black Isis

COST: $175.00 Weekend Package- this includes everything but board. For those coming from out of town, casual shared sleeping space may be available; please inquire if needed.

REGISTER NOW by Paying for the Weekend. Include your full name, email, and telephone contact number in the checkout notes:

Click HERE to Register Today!

Limited appointments are also available for Private Healing Sessions in Reiki, Egyptian Alchemy, & Tarot late Sunday Afternoon. Please inquire through the contacts page for prices & reservation.







10:00 AM Oya Dark Mother

with Luna Pantera, Priestess


Tsunamis,Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Tornados create: sudden change, devastation, ruin and loss. This is the energy attributed to Oya. She is the "Mother of Change". We sometimes wonder when she comes into our lives, "Why me? What did I do to deserve this?" Instead we should ask, "Why have I been blessed with this gift?" "How do I work to make this transformation as easy and painless as possible?"


Come with me and meet the "Dark Mother" and find out what she has in store for you as we begin to head into the dark. Learn to face your fear with Oya by your side knowing that you will always make it to the other side as long as your learn the fine art of "listening" to her call.


12:00 NOON Spinning a Life of Gold: Abundance of Black Isis

with Dailey Little, Priestess & Reikimaster


One of the basic rules of abundance is “like attracts like,” but what if you’re filled with anger, frustration, or poisonous thoughts? How do you make the leap from knowing what you want to embodying it? Come work with the wisdom of Black Isis. Learn how Aset (Her Egyptian name) used her poisonous scorpions to escape imprisonment, and how to identify and transform aspects of your own shadow nature to work with you as you reach for your goals. This workshop includes: alchemical myth-telling, trance, and practical application of the concepts.


1:30 PM Lunch BBQ

potluck BBQ & purifications bar: energetic purifications with sage, natron, & kyphi


3:00 PM Oshun Warrior Working

with Heaven Walker, Priestess

When we hear the name Oshun we think of her in her role as the Goddess of love, beauty, and sensuality. However, there is far more to Oshun than meets the eye. Oshun is also a fierce warrior who protects her children and her community. She carries a machete under her belt and rouges her cheeks with the blood of her enemies. Join us as we cut away our fears, initiate ourselves as warriors, and honor the awesome power that we share as women.


4:30 PM Sacred Arts: creating power figures and objects in African and African-Diasporic traditions

with Szmeralda Shanel, Priestess & Founder of Iseum of Black Isis


6:00 PM Dinner (simple & catered for full-day participants)


7:30 PM Sensing in the Dark: Sensual Priestessing for Self-Possessed Enlightenment

with Nadirah Adeye, Priestess


Using sensual movement, trance and chanting we will reach an altered state of consciousness in preparation for the evening's ritual.


Requirement: Wear clothing and adornments that caress your body when you move, that shape the curves of belly and hips and/or the parts of your body that give you the most pleasure. Wear something that sends rushes of excitement through you, makes you want to touch yourself, and linger a moment longer when you happen to see yourself in the mirror.


9:00 PM RITUAL: Daughters of the Dark Mother: A ritual in honor of the Dark Goddesses of Africa and Women Healers of Africa and the Diaspora

with Szmeralda Shanel & The Iseum of Black Isis


Conjurers, Root women, Vodou Queens, and Hoodoo Mamas, women healers of Africa and the Diaspora have been known by many names. The Dark Mother is the first Mother, rooted in Africa: the cradle of life and we are all descendants of the Dark Mother. Join The Iseum of Black Isis in song, dance and ritual in honor and celebration of these ancestral mothers of the spirit. Szmeralda Shanel will lead, with her sacred tambourine, beautiful, ecstatic chants and songs as we pour libations for powerful ancestresses and the Dark mother in her many names.




10AM Sistas put your church hats on! Iseum of Black Isis Church service

Free and open to all

We will continue to sing, chant, drum, and honor The Dark Mother Black Isis. Wear your church hats folks, southern Baptist style if you have em.


11:30 AM Coffee, Tea , Cakes and Cookies

Black Goddess Oracle: deep wisdom, answers of the heart- casual divination readings while having refreshments


1:00-6:00 PM Private Session Healing Available. Please inquire if interested.


All events will start on time, so please come a half hour early in order to relax, purify, and get into the mood of the work.



SZMERALDA SHANEL: Szmeralda Shanel is an ordained priestess of Isis with the Temple of Isis and The Fellowship of Isis. She the founder of the Iseum of Black Isis, an iseum dedicated to Goddess spirituality and sacred arts. She is also an initiate in the Anderson Feri tradition, a high priestess in the Amazon Dianic Goddess tradition and one of the founding high priestesses of Come As You Are Coven. Outside the circle Szmeralda makes ends meet working as a teaching artist, an expressive arts therapist and tarot reader.



RAVENMOON:Anniitra Ravenmoon is an Ordained Priestess Hierophant with The Fellowship of Isis and The Temple of Isis Los Angeles, a collector of tarot cards, a collector and handler of custom knives and daggers, her sacred tools. She also designs unique pieces of Serpentinology, silver jewelry for amulets and talismans. She is one of the founders of Nubian Divas Unlimited, a dance team that teaches, performs, and sponsors workshops in various styles of North, South African, and other regions of the World in Dance. She is a belly dance instructor, goddess tributes dancer, a warrior goddess, and a self taught drummer of Middle Eastern percussion & fusion beats. She also heads up the Iseum of the Nubian Moon & House of RavenMoon. Her favorite saying is: First the dream then the vision, then the goal, then the reality of the three.



DAILEY LITTLE: Dailey is an ordained Reverend & Priestess through the Temple of Isis Geyserville, and the International Fellowship of Isis. She founded Sanctuary of Isis Iseum, which offers private in-person classes in Egyptian Magic & Alchemy, as well as functioning as a personal retreat for priestesses & work in deep process. The Iseum honors the Egyptian Neteru and encourages both shamanic & reconstructionist work (however we are called, right?). As a Reikimaster and natural intuitive, she runs a healing practice in Santa Rosa, CA geared towards helping people work through their spiritual & emotional blocks with joy. Dailey has been teaching magick in some form or another for over a decade. She has presented at Pantheacon and has published articles on Egyptian alchemy.


HEAVEN WALKER: Heaven Walker is a High Priestess of the Come As You Are Coven, and the founder of the Grove of Artemis women's full moon circle. She is also a legally ordained interfaith minister who offers professional tarot card readings, spiritual counseling, pagan and interfaith wedding ceremonies, and rites of passage. However, Heaven considers her most sacred work to be motherhood and she is the leader of the “Sprouts” pagan parenting group. She plans to eventually create a pagan centered earth conscious, children's scouting troop.


LUNA PANTERA: Luna Pantera has been studying magik all of her life from the times first spent in the garden talking with the Fey with her spiritual godmother as a child to conducting workshops helping people reconnect to their spiritual self! While a daughter of Oshun she is currently doing deep work with Oya to midwife others through the deep soul change that is needed to prepare for the times ahead. She is a featured contributor to Crystal Blanton's latest anthology, "Shades of Faith." Luna is a healer, bard, and most importantly mother of an amazing young woman! You can contact her via


latest anthology, "Shades of Faith." Luna is a healer, bard, and most importantly mother of an amazing young woman! You can contact her via

NADIRAH ADEYE: I am an ordained priestess with over 15 years' experience in service to The Divine. I am a student priestess of the Iseum of Black Isis, a student of Feri, and a devotee of Auset in Her many names and forms. My spiritual work emphasizes self-mastery and contact with the Core energy found at the center of the world's most powerful and loving traditions. I have a Master's Degree in Women's Spirituality from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. I've got over eight years of study and experience in personal organization and releasing stuff-attachment *wink wink*. I have four years of study and training in doula services and three years of study in personal finance management.








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Call  Ravenmoon  MaKafia for any info@ 562-6275697, or 562-7067338

“Speak their names, for they still live!”




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